Initial language level testing (all 4 skills or separate skills assessment based on CEFR levels -A1 to C2)

Language and communicative skill assessment for job application processes

Ad hoc competence-based tests (individual and group)

Level testing is the kickoff in bulding any language training path towards success. It is key to find out:

Where the students are

Ask purpose-built questions so as to find out what the students know and can do by themselves in spontaneous use of language (linguistic comfort zone).

What the students can do without support

Responsive questions based on language use and communicative skills

What the students can do when being supported

Spot those structures students can produce when the questions are clearly asked using known structures or when being helped by the trainer.

What the students can not do alone

Identify within each language skill those structures, vocabulary and communicative expressions students cannot come up with even when supported by the trainer.

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