Our courses are

  • Suitable to meet student’s communicative needs

  • Relevant to student’s professional or personal life

  • Aware of constraints (time and budget)

  • Easily traceable to check effectiveness

  • Flexible and adapted to change
Instructor-led Training

Synchronous learning (in-person (brick-and-mortar) / videoconference)

They include attendance reporting/ initial and final assessments/ formative assessments/ individualised coaching/learning analytics.


Asynchronous /Synchronous courses
Training on the go, from the comfort of your phones.
Seamless mobile training experience

Soft Skills at Work


Engaging learning experience
In person + Videoconference + Streaming

TED Talk based training (B1-C1)
TED Talk (app) Technology + Chat with Us (ILT over the phone)

Our ILT includes:

Language Acquisition & Integration (LAI)

  • General English (A2-C2)
  • Business English (B1-C2)
  • Cambridge ESOL (Business English Certificates)
  • Bespoke Programmes (A2-C2)

  • Español para Expats (A1-A2)
  • Español de negocios (B1-C2)
  • Exámenes DELE (A1-C2)
  • Bespoke programmes (A1-C2)

Communicative Skill Training (CST)

  • TED Talk based training (B1-C1)
  • English Pills – 18h Communicative Competence Training
  • English for Specific Purposes: Finance, Law, Engineering, Theatre, Journalism, Medicine, Entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Language and Cultural Immersion in UK
  • Challenging Debates
  • Business Lunch/ Breakfast

Chat with Us – English over the phone
Speaking Skills over the phone

Main features:

  • 24/7 availability
  • 25min session with certified English trainers
  • Wide range of lesson plans grouped by topics and language points
  • Lessons differentiated by levels
  • Personal dashboard
  • Individual session feedback
  • Sessions can be booked within 1hour prior to required starting time
  • Added Value: ELTE Individual Coaching

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