We organise our Corporate Training in three steps based on 5 key Project Management Principles

1. Initiation+ Definition:
Meeting with HR/ People Dept to gather needs and project constraints (time and budget). Determine most suitable training itinerary. Defining objectives, deliverables and metrics.
2. Planning:
Rough draft with deliverables and milestones (language structures and communicative skills that should be developed at a specific moment during training), work packages, tailor-made or customised class material. Discussing resources, schedule, and budget.

3. Executing:
Teaching classes based on Corporate Training Plan (CTP) designed to meet company’s needs.
4. Controlling:
Final goal assessment

5. Closing:
Analysing metrics and reporting performance and competence acquisition to company.

Our Training

We focus on 3 different and interconnected competences


Lexical, phonological and syntactical knowledge and skills as well as other dimensions like language as a system.


Sociocultural conditions of language use (rules of politeness, formal and colloquial styles), language communication conventions between representatives of different cultures, even though participants may often be unaware of its influence.


Functional use of linguistic resources at different scenarios with major impact of interactions and cultural environment in communication (production of language functions, speech acts), the mastery of discourse, cohesion and coherence, the identification of text types and forms, irony, sarcasm, humour.

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