Any question?

Yes, you do, unless it is a B2B trip in which case your company would be buying it for you.

Yes, at least we have always done it so far. Since training starts right at the airport when the team of students and trainers meet, we suggest which flight to book. In case a student cannot make it, we would arrange for transfer from airport to accommodation in UK. For further information, please contact us.

Yes, you do. We usually host a breakfast/lunch to get all the team together: in-person for those who live in Barcelona and via videoconference for students from other cities.

Yes, all the city or day trips specified in the program are included. Note of advice: we walk a lot every day so bring comfortable shoes!

Take your laptop/ tablet to work in class. We will provide you with all class material -soft and hard copy- you might need.

The dressing code would be informal, casual. Take your sport gear if you feel like working out before or after class, (many students go jogging to enjoy the city from a different angle).